Making Gifts to Virginia Tech

All gifts made for the benefit of Virginia Tech are received and managed by the Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. Gifts of cash and real estate should be directed to University Development, while gifts of stocks and bonds should be directed to the Office of Investments and Debt Management.

Typically, three types of securities are gifted; publicly traded stock, private stock, and shares of mutual funds. The public stock transfer instructions differ depending on whether you own the actual stock certificates or have them on account in "street name" in a brokerage account. Actual stock certificates must be accompanied by a letter of authorization and a separate stock power.

A gift of private stock may create a tax liability for either the donor or the Foundation. As a result, additional information is required before the Foundation can receive a gift of private stock. Be sure to review the private stock transfer instructions carefully to determine what information is needed when gifting private stock.

The process of transferring mutual fund shares is different from company to company and is typically a slow and manual process. Please review the mutual funds transfer instructions to guide you through the process of gifting shares of mutual funds.

After reviewing the instructions for publicly traded stock, private stock, or mutual fund shares, feel free to give Greer Boyd a call at (540) 231-7094 or email her at with any questions.

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